VEMINA Aviaprestige keeps putting up its capital in the company development.  From 2010 through 2014, about 150 million roubles was invested in instrumentation and modernization of production facilities. The business mission of 2014 - 2016 is strengthening of a dominant position in the aircraft interior market. According to the approved programme, VEMINA Aviaprestige LLC is going to invest 50 million roubles more in its manufacturing activity.

2010.12.16-610VEMINA Aviaprestige sets itself an ambitious goal of gaining the lead in the aircraft interior market of  Russia and the CIS region for the next two years.  The company plans call for development and profit markup in two main directions. The first one is to fortify its position in the segment of production, maintenance and repair (MRO) of foreign aerotechnics interiors.  The second direction goes to  implementation of large projects for interior production of such modern Russian aircrafts as Il-76, Тu-214, An-148, and SSJ100, as well as helicopters of Mi-8 family.  

'For business development of any manufacturer, there are two important key factors -  equipment capability and production methods. Investing in production yields the result in the company's balance sheet ratio: increase in output and sales volume. To have the finger on the pulse and know the most recent trends not only in the domestic aircraft market but also in the foreign one is essential now. Our economy has already been living in a global market for a long time, and in order to compete with global producers, we have to constantly invest in our production. It is of critical importance to have domestic enterpises producing hi-tech aircraft components for Russian aircrafts', comments  his business development approach Vitaly Romanyuk, CEO of VEMINA Aviaprestige LLC.  

VEMINA Aviaprestige intends to allocate a good deal of funds for more progress in the segment of foreign aerotechnics maintenance and repair:

  • adjusting of company quality system in accoradnce with the requirements of European Aviation Safety Agency Part -21G
  • technical basis reequipping

 More than 75% of the company's investments will be appropriated for the development of this activity. During the implementation of the programme, the company intends to increase the production volume in the foreign aircraft MRO  market. Today VEMINA Aviaprestige possesses a maintenance, repair and operation centre (MRO Aviaprestige ), which is already certified in compliance with European regulations as a repair organization, and based in Sheremetyevo airport. The technical facilities for the aircraft interior and equipment maintenance of Boeing and Airbus were created taking into account the demands of the major customer - Aeroflot. Starting in 2010, MRO Aviaprestige has been demonstrating a strong growth. The bulk of the corporate income goes from maintaining airliners of Boeing 737 family. The maintenance and refurbishment of the cabin interior and passenger seats, repair of seat covers and kitchen equipment take  7-8% of the total MRO market.

In 2014, VEMINA Aviaprestige will pursue its efforts in obtaining the European certificate which gives the right to produce separate components and parts of the foreign aircraft interiors. Obtaining European certificate will also allow to install its own equipment and components for domestic aircrafts acquired by foreign operators.

According to some experts, the scope of interior modernization and refurbishment services will increase annually to reach modern standards. Such an approach will be dictated by the economic reasons, since airlines are increasingly looking to reduce the aircraft weight  by using light-weight parts in aircraft interiors. Another reason is caused by a necessity for competitive recovery, in particular, the development of on-board entertainment systems and a requirement to provide broadband Internet on board the aircraft. 

Following the principle of an integrated approach to perfecting its enterprise, VEMINA Aviaprestige LLC purchases equipment, masters the competitive production methods, products and services. Thus, since 2012, the company has been introducing the technology of veneering with a metal plate. The interior parts veneered by such a technology are more stable to climate change, and meet the high aviation standards on flammability and heat conductivity.

 According to the business development programme, VEMINA Aviaprestige LLC intends to intensify its presence  in project implementation on interior production for Russian modern aircrafts. It is important to note that today the company  is one of the largest participants in the Russian aircraft interior segment, and covers about 80% of the aircraft interior equipment industry.  VEMINA Aviaprestige LLC has already been participating in the large-scale 'green tail' completion projects of Tu-214, Il-96, An-148, Mi-8 helicopters, i.e. creates and installs VIP interiors in new aircrafts at a producer factory. The company's main customer is an aviation enterprise - Rossiya special aircraft division. The whole fleet of Rossiya SAD totals more than 60 aircrafts with high-comfort cabins refurbished by VEMINA Aviaprestige.

The business development programme aims at competitive recovery of aviation production as a whole, which makes it even more attractive, especially for Russian aircraft manufacturers. Participation of a Russian manufacturer in interior creation for a domestic aircraft is the issue of the day, when one of the top priorities of strategic aircraft industry is to reduce dependence on the international situation from Western suppliers. For example, the cost of VIP cabin for SSJ100 performed by a Russian manufacturer  costs 5 million dollars. While in 2013 an American aircraft interior manufacturer - Aero Management, valued its work at 6.3 million dollars.

"Our production capacity is fully focused on the manufacture of components and equipment to be installed in new generation aircrafts by such design bureaus as Sukhoi, named after Antonov, Tupolev JSC, and Ilyushin JSC. Our team is able to design and produce a cabin interior that comes in line with  the world analogues in quality and technologies, which is definitely an honour to our aviation industry, and at the same time, being the work of a particular enterprise, "- said Vitaly Romanyuk.

О компании 

ООО «ВЕМИНА Авиапрестиж» работает на рынке производства,  переоборудования и обслуживания интерьеров российской и зарубежной авиатехники. С 2009 года компания осуществляет также комплексное решение в вопросах ремонта и модернизации интерьеров воздушных судов западного производства (кресельное оборудование, кухонные зоны, санузлы и т.д.). Компания сертифицирована как ремонтная организация в соответствии с требованиями европейских авиационных властей EASA Part 145 (EASA 145.0489). Свои проекты ООО «ВЕМИНА Авиапрестиж» реализовывает с помощью содействия  ведущих отечественных предприятий–разработчиков ВС: ОАО «Туполев», ОКБ Л.М.Миля, ОАО «Авиационный комплекс им. С.В. Ильюшина», ОКБ им. А.С. Яковлева и др. 

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